Second Nature: Thy Kingdom Come (2016)

Christianity in America today struggles more than ever to discern the proper perspective and course of action in a nation whose socio-political landscape is growing increasingly complex. This year’s Summer Conference entitled, “THY KINGDOM COME” aimed to inform, encourage, and empower every believer during one of the most divisive and controversial election years in our … More Second Nature: Thy Kingdom Come (2016)

Second Nature: Outcast (2015)

At this year’s conference titled “Outcast” we explored the depth of God’s gracious, particular love for the least and the lost. Through times of worship, prayer, fellowship and instruction, we sought to reaffirm the church’s call to proclaim and demonstrate to those on the fringes (of family, community, morality, and society) that hope and salvation are … More Second Nature: Outcast (2015)

Second Nature: Build (2013)

Most immigrant churches develop an English-speaking generation of members who receive all the same Bible sermons, and yet exercise less than half of the influence in the church’s leadership.  Buying new property, cleaning the campus, budgeting for equipment–these things are largely decided by the parent congregation’s leaders.  So what does it mean for English-speaking adult … More Second Nature: Build (2013)