Second Nature: Thy Kingdom Come (2016)


Christianity in America today struggles more than ever to discern the proper perspective and course of action in a nation whose socio-political landscape is growing increasingly complex. This year’s Summer Conference entitled, “THY KINGDOM COME” aimed to inform, encourage, and empower every believer during one of the most divisive and controversial election years in our country’s history. We sought biblical conviction on subjects that are not typically discussed in our churches including (but not limited to): Citizenship, Religious Freedom, Immigration, Racism and Gender Issues. Ultimately, we were reminded that it is our heavenly citizenship as members of God’s Kingdom that should guide our social and political activity, rather than blind affiliation to a political party which often leads merely to activism.

In addition, we were able to raise $5,088.76 for our Alumbra Ministry in Tijuana. Praise God! This money will help treat those who are most in need at El Refugio De Esperanza (aka. The Refuge) and help finish the construction work that is being done at Casa Hogar. Thank you to all those of you who contributed!

Below are links to the audio recordings of the General Sessions and Seminars from the conference.

General Sessions

Friday Evening Session: Thy Kingdom Come (Rand Cho)

Saturday Morning Session: Politics (Ben Pun)

Saturday Evening Session: Social Justice (Joe Suh)

Sunday Evening Session: Persecution (Daniel Hoh)


The American Worldview and Its Effects on Our Faith (Daniel Hoh)

Asian American Christianity in a Black and White World (Joe Suh)

God’s Heart for the Foreigner (Steven Choi)

How to Think About Islam (Ben Pun)

Man, Woman, and Everything in Between (Rand Cho)

A More Perfect Union (Steve Rho)

Religious Freedom or Religious Chains (Johnny Tsai)

Tacos, Kanye, GoT, and IPAs (Randy Cho)


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