Alumbra Mexico Outreach

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What is Alumbra?

Alumbra, which means, “Shine,” is a joint 2N monthly outreach to Mexico.  We partner with two Tijuana-based ministries, El Refugio de Esperanza and Casa Hogar.

El Refugio de Esperanza (The Refuge of Hope) is a rehab and care facility for men and women who are recovering from drug addiction, struggling with psychiatric disorders, suffering from terminal or chronic illnesses, or are recovering from physical trauma. They also minister to homosexuals and transgenders who want to recover a Biblical sexuality / gender identity. The ministry cares for the physical needs of these people while also sharing the Gospel with them and equipping them through Bible studies and some vocational training.

Casa Hogar (The Home) is an orphanage for children who have been removed from their families by the Mexican government due to cases of severe abuse or neglect. The children of Casa Hogar are raised in a Christian community where they receive love and care from the members of the local church that fund and sponsor the ministry.

What do the monthly trips entail?

One Saturday per month, we drive to these ministries and spend the day with them.

At El Refugio De Esperanza, our primary ministry is fellowship.  We lead a brief worship service at each of the different houses (there are two men’s houses and one women’s house) and then we just spend time with them.  We give them what we can, serve them food and drink, listen to their stories and testimonies, and pray for and with them.  Our hope is to eventually provide more professional medical services and more tools and training for deeper discipleship.

At Casa Hogar, our ministry entails simply spending time with the children.  We cook for them, eat with them, play with them and share with them the love of Christ.

What is the Goal?

The Mission

To shine the light of the gospel by alleviating immediate physical and emotional suffering, while meeting spiritual needs through ongoing, grace-infused, relational discipleship.

The Vision & Strategy

As a US-based outreach ministry, our strategy is to build long-term relationships through our outreach programs in order to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the people of Tijuana and to disciple them through our monthly visits and short-term missions trips. The needs are vast, and we believe that God has given our churches the resources to make a real difference in these people’s lives.  Our hope is to see the ministries built up so that they can become self-sustaining, reproducing, disciple-making entities.

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